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CBS - Condemnation of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs

Jul. 19th, 2006

01:31 pm - CBS

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I was enrolled in Casa by the Sea for 3 months.
Thank god.
In those three months I never wanted to die more in my life.
I couldn't stand all the disgusting girls, the smells of the mexicans, standing in line.
CBS made me more daring than I used to be, I exited the program and within a month I was smoking weed, having sex. Then moving onto more drugs, it changed me, it gave me more confidence to ruin my life.
Anyways, I'm sober for almost a year now off of crystal meth, and I hate it more than anything when my parents suggest that they send me back when I come home late.
I would love to find Ana McGwin, Nalani, and Samantha.
My names Elissa Antieri and I was Alliance April 16-July 16 2004
And if any of you know Ashkan Amirsoleymani from Beacon april-September 2003 let me know.

Thank you

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Date:July 20th, 2006 02:53 am (UTC)
casa is closed..so they can't send you back. but i know what you mean. i was in the program for 9 months and then pulled out, but i became WAY outa control after getting out and in june i didn't go home for a month and was on crystal that whole time, stole over a thousand bucks from my mom, ect. and they were very close to sending me back. i'm lucky they didn't.
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Date:July 20th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
yeah i know its closed. but i heard it reopened? not sure.
theres always other programs, considering i'm 16
yeah, the feeling is sick.
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