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Condemnation of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs

Jun. 11th, 2004

07:38 pm - Introductions from the Moderator

Hello. People now know me as Mela, but when I attended Cross Creek Manor from January 26, 1999 through February 10, 2002 (36 months, 2 weeks, and 5 hours of pure Hell,) people knew me as Pam. I am a program graduate. As of 2005, I live in a house with a good friend I met in the program, her husband, and some other non-program friends. We own the house and run a small business best classified as an occult shoppe in rural Pennsylvania. You can read more about me in my livejournal.

What's changed: Well, if my user icon wasn't enough of a hint, I'm a lesbian. Yes, woman-hating, homophobic Pam only dates the girls now. I'm also multiple, as in multiple personalities, only I can't be classified with the disorder because it doesn't interfere with my ability to function. I no longer live in Atascadero, California. I moved out to Pennsylvania to live with Jen and her husband in October of 2003.

What hasn't: I'm still a vampire. I still read all the time. I love making my own clothes and sewing creatively. I'm still a practicing pagan, though I live in a house of Catholics. I still love the program for what it taught me and the friends I made, while hating the program for all the wrong and illegal things that went on there. I still believe in right and wrong. I still believe that I am from another planet. (I just know now that it was a past life.) I don't do drugs. I don't fuck everything that moves. I don't compulsively lie. I don't cheat or steal. I live life within MY value frame (not the program's.)

I remember many of my past lives. If you want more info on who and what I was, just ask. Which brings me to my next point. I have AIM and yahoo messenger as fireincarnation. My email is fireincarnation@yahoo.co.uk.

Recently: I called Cross Creek admissions office and am having them ship me some information about the program, including that infamous inaccurate video. I'm asking them lots of questions and will be recording the next call so I can have a record of their lies. Jen and I are meeting with a lawyer to discuss what we can do to start a lawsuit.

Contact: There are plenty of support groups on facebook to help other survivors of these facilities. Please find help if you were hurt by this place.

Anyway, if there is anyone else on this list, welcome!

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