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Condemnation of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs

we've been through hell on earth, or maybe just a recreation of russian prisons

World Wide Association of Specialty Programs
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This community is designed to link together the survivors of WWASP, also known as "Teen Help," and Browning Academy. It is a place to share our experiences, gain insight into the brainwashing, torture, and humiliation that to us is past, but to thousands of girls and boys worldwide is a part of daily existance. We are here to support the thousands who have survived, to mourn the loss of those who either physically, mentally, or emotionally died there, and to offer hope. We are not alone. We are individuals who survived terrible circumstances, but we survived.

If you did not personally attend one of the wwasp (or wwasp-affiliated) programs, but want to join anyway, email me at fireincarnation@yahoo.co.uk, and I'll most likely let you join.
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