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Condemnation of World Wide Association of Specialty Programs — LiveJournal

Jul. 19th, 2006

01:31 pm - CBS

I was enrolled in Casa by the Sea for 3 months.
Thank god.
In those three months I never wanted to die more in my life.
I couldn't stand all the disgusting girls, the smells of the mexicans, standing in line.
CBS made me more daring than I used to be, I exited the program and within a month I was smoking weed, having sex. Then moving onto more drugs, it changed me, it gave me more confidence to ruin my life.
Anyways, I'm sober for almost a year now off of crystal meth, and I hate it more than anything when my parents suggest that they send me back when I come home late.
I would love to find Ana McGwin, Nalani, and Samantha.
My names Elissa Antieri and I was Alliance April 16-July 16 2004
And if any of you know Ashkan Amirsoleymani from Beacon april-September 2003 let me know.

Thank you

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Oct. 12th, 2005

11:53 am - whoops

I guess I joined this community and thought I had written something in it already, but alas.
So my name is Liane...
I was at Tranquility Bay from October 2nd 2004 - July 19th 2005.
I hate WWASP Programs and I think all of them should burn to the ground, never to be rebuilt again, and the founders and supporters should be put through their own boot camps to rid themselves of the insidious brain-washing they've been through.
Currently I am working with some other survivors and also parents of survivors that have come to their senses to get Tranquility Bay shut down.
This is a really good site with a kickin' bbs, you guys would love it.

I signed out of the program when I turned 18 and three days later (I didn't get to leave on my birthday because of the hurricane) I left that hell hole.

I was working two jobs because I am out on my own, but now I am working just one but looking for another one...ugh... just can't get away from it. I just signed up for college for next semester and things are looking up. Not financially I guess but hey...I'd rather be living on the streets than in TB, and I'm not even on the streets right now, so that's good... {Even though my parents refuse to let me live with them}

Well g2g.

::DaRk BlU::

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Oct. 5th, 2005

09:20 pm

How can I join this community?

Aug. 10th, 2005

12:49 pm

so i guess ill introduce myself.. my names cass.. i was at ivy ridge sep 04 - feb 05 then got sent to tranquility bay and i was there until july 2nd. so ive been out for like a month.. its been good.. yeah just wanted to say hey.

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Apr. 21st, 2005

05:35 pm


Apr. 20th, 2005

06:44 am

In my comment to the first entry, I made my "introduction" (minus my name...it's Bo Achor), but I am definitely very interested in finding and communicating with anyone who was at these facilities at the same time I was (Carolina Springs November '98 - May '99, Spring Creek May-August '99). I can remember very few names as it's been a long time and I usually do my best not to think about the Program or my experiences in it at all, but there are lots of faces.

I can't remember anyone's last name except for Nik Zorich, and a short search for any contact info associated with that name just now ended fruitlessly.

It's been a shock to me how much I've looked up and read about the WWASP in the last thirty-six hours. My formerly fuzzy memories are now in sharp relief.

Apr. 19th, 2005

09:19 pm - Jenny Bright

Nicky Bodendorfer forwarded along Jenny Bright's email (motomom25@hotmail.com,) and I probably shouldn't, but I'm gonna post it here. I was really hoping that people would post more and share their experiences . . . and network so that everyone could find the people they are looking for. I'm still looking for Wendy DeGray (I have her old address, but nothing recent, and I've tried and tried to write her, but it just doesn't turn out right,) Sara Walsh (I only knbow she's from Maumee, Ohio), and Megan Parigi (Last thing I heard Parigi was going to UCLA.) Anyway, this post wasn't intended to be a list of people I hope to find, but rather, hope for someone who was looking for Jenny Bright.

Mar. 14th, 2005

09:00 pm - Introduction!!!!

Oh my where to start! Ok well I am a "PURE HELL" grad....oh wait I mean Cross Creek! Hehe. I went in Jan. 11th 2001 and got out March 2nd 2003! Nice stay! I doubled my best friends stay...thats so sad! :-( Well my views on the program have changed a bit. When I first got out and people asked me about it my responds was usually like this "It was hard. But it saved my life. I am glad I went..." Blah blah blah... Then about a year later it was pretty much the same thing just I emphasized the HARD part. OK so my view now... I think the program did do a little good for me, but I also think it did more damage. Lets clarify the "good" parts. The good parts of the program: I made the best friends of my life there, I had great therapist (that sooooooooo does not include Dr. Seely or whatever the fuck that bastards name was! I still hate him!) Haha

Going a little off track but I just got to tell ya a little story about him... I was forced to see him after I dropped from level 4 the first time and by the end of our first visit I hated him. They kept making me see him for about 6 months even though I clearly stated that he reminded me of one person who molested me and it made me sick to my stomach to see him...they didn't give a shit though and I still had to see him. When I refused to talk to him he told me that if I didn't I would drop. Nice huh! So I talked but not exactly the way he wanted me to.... every other word was fuck you and other choice words that were illegal in the program... I called him so many things and just was a really big bitch... if any of you know me or saw me in the program you probably know what a bitch I could be to the staff. Not that I feel bad at all for it. Anyways so our last section I went in and he told me that we had done some tremendous work and that I was graduating from his therapy. Then he had the nerve to say he believed he had helped me a great deal in my program. He got up to shake me hand and I just looked at him straight in the eyes and told him something along the lines of this "You didn't help me a single fucking bit. In fact you made my program harder than it needed to be. Fuck you asshole." And that concludes the last section I had with him. Ya I still think its funny...but I guess ya had to be there.

Back to the good parts of the program. Well that was basically it... my friends and therapist. I dont know I was a fighter in the program till the very end. I told it like it was. I learned to stick up for myself because I got sick and tired of staff being rude and shit to us for no reason. I started a petition once (its personal so dont ask point is I started one) and I had all the high phase girls and STAFF sign it if they agreed with me. Guess what happened. A meeting with me and Ron and others was called... and I was told that if I didn't rip the petition up that every one who signed it would drop and the staff would get fired. IT WAS THE WHOLE HIGH PHASE FACILITY. What could I do..I had to rip it up. I was pissed but I was also on level 5 and soon to go home so I just shut my trap. They didn't just threaten me but they threatened the people I cared most about.

I was never abused physically in the sense of someone hitting me and such. I was taken down for no reason but the staff said that it was because I tried to throw a punch when I was just putting up my hands because I asked them not to touch me.

Ok wow I could go on forever about the program.... I'll just shut up about it for right now... till later...haha...cuz I have alot of shit to do.

I live on my own now in Tennessee. I have been here since May and now live in a house with my boyfriend!!!! I moved because I got kicked out of my house for doing coke (3X) and getting a tattoo. I am a cutter and I think I always will be.... I never really stopped... I was cutting on level 6 I just never told anyone... I was to the point where I would do and say anything just to get the hell out. I dont do drugs anymore...though I had a short period where I was smoking pot a bit...but I let go of that. Umm... My life is going good. I'm attending a university over here, have a house, getting a car soon, love my boyfriend and he loves me..ahhh... but there are still problems. I have a horrible image of myself and that stems from the program where I gained 30 pounds, got out lost it, and in the last 6 months gained 20...grrr... So I am actually starting therapy for that since I'm starting to get depressed again. Which really sucks ass! Oh I got kicked off the BBS for talking about my second tattoo... a dragon on my lower back... There reply when I asked why was "We try to teach the students that their body is a temple..." Yeah they make us fat! Hows that for a temple! Grrr... Alright I really am going to shut up now... Hey ask me questions if you want... I'm an honest open magical chil....just kidding....hehe... No but really I am pretty open about stuff. And I love to program bash!

Oh yeah my names Tatiana by the way and I am 19 now... hehe.. And my favorite color is blue! And my favorite random phrase is "Blue bellied martians are coming on leopard print asteroids!"

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Mar. 9th, 2005

11:43 am

Hiii, my name is Mary. I was enrolled in Dundee Ranch Academy from November of 2000 to November of 2001.
I entered the Academy when it was just started, to explain how new the program was at the time I entered, when we numbered our clothes with our initials and numbers (The boys having 1-100 & the girls having 200-300), I was number 209.
I left approximately a month before the place was torn to shit.
I don't know how much any of you read the plethera of articles that was not only in many local newspapers, but in Time magazine, The Costa Rican Embassy came into the property and proceeded to tell all the students that this program could no longer keep them, and that they were allowed to leave. The students proceeded to tear apart what was once a hotel- turned into the program. They kicked down walls, some ran down the streets into Costa Rica, others were having sex in what was left in the dorms (obviously unprotected, because how many WWASP programs have condom dispensers?). The parents were contacted soon thereafter, but some had problems getting their kids because of the chaos that was going on (i.e. they didn't know where the fuck their kids were).
Out of the approximately 300 kids that have left Dundee Ranch Academy, I am almost positive that I am the only one that has been completely drug free since. And by drug free, I mean completely. No alcohol, no drugs, no cigarettes, nothing. I've made the lifetime commitment to become straightedge, and am still standing strong.
Once I left the program, I tried to keep in contact with some of my friends that were in the program through e-mail and phone contact. My first friend who actually came to visit me ended up smoking weed with my other friend who lives here, and we have had very little contact since.
Another one came to visit me about 6 months ago or so, and because getting to my house is hella difficult, we opted to meet downtown, and go to lunch. She had us meet her in the parking lot of some sleezy motel, and the van she was driving was surrounded by hella creepy looking dudes. She asked if I could wait 10 minutes so she could go inside and smoke weed with them. I didn't know what to say, so I allowed her to.
We then went out to coffee, and after about an hour there, she asked if she could go hangout with those dudes again and then meet me at my house at around 12 or 1 in the nite. I finally called it the last straw and told her she was not welcome in my house if she didn't come with me right now.
She did not end up coming home with me that night.
Dundee Ranch was the shadiest place ever. Despite the fact that you couldn't look at members of the opposite sex, it happened all the time. None of the staff members spoke english, and most of the Family Reps weren't qualified for the job. They were endoctorinating the students into the Mormon religion through seminary classes in the morning. When my mother inquired about this, they lied to her and told her that they weren't teaching any kind of religion in the school.
They had observation placement, in which they would make us lay on the ground with our hands behind our back and our chins to the cold hard ground. I might add, the ground was horribly filthy, plus there were bugs crawling all over it. It was absolutely disgusting.
Many people didn't believe me about the entire OP thing, or the physical restraint that broke many student's arms, including mine. Some still don't. While my mother was here for PC1, we took this photograph of what happens in Obserbvation Placement.
My mother pulled me when I was at level 2 with 200 points.
I don't really know what else to say. I think I mumbled a lot about some dumb shit. Oh well.
It's pretty awesome to find this on livejournal. It's a shame that a lot of kids don't know about it.


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Jul. 27th, 2004

09:04 pm - hi =)

Hi, I'm Lyndsay.

Sorry it took me so long to post here. My life has been quite the jumble.

Anyway, my basic stats are - CCM utah 14 months, TB jamaica 18 months.
Yeah, I was a lifer.

I'm eager to meet everyone here.

I'll post later. Bye.

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